Discography & Samples

Based on the background and birthplace of the G&G Deejays (NYC metro), the G&G music experience has that strong NYC music influence reviving various music labels such as Prelude, Salsoul, TK, East West, Streetwise, SAM, Mirage, Sugarhill, Prizm, and many others.

At a G&G show, you may also experience a surprise musical "gimmick" mixed into the flow!  It's rare that you'll hear the same song multiple times from a G&G DeeJay which emphasizes our vast knowledge of the classic soul / r&b / disco / hip hop & house library.

Check out some of our samples under the "Music Samples" push button!

The Late Chief  Rocker Frankie Crocker
The Legendary Paradise Garage in NYC - home to resident DJ the Late Larry Levan
Studio 54
The Disco Side of Hip Hop - Broadway International Discoteque, Celebrity Club
Bonds International Discoteque
The RoxyThe Roxy (Part II)
The Palladium
The Foundation - Interviews                  The Foundation - SilverFox Interview