Grits & Gravy Entertainment Group Incorporated was founded by Chris Hawkins in 1995 with the help of a few of friends seeking to produce musical "hits" for upcoming starving artists.  The company experienced many challenges moving in the music production and management direction and eventually moved into promotion of many entertainment events - primarily party events and socials.  The company's focus on the "classic sound" of yesterday has been it's foundation and emphasis - Classic SOUL, DISCO, R&B, FUNK, HIP HOP, and HOUSE MUSIC!
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The Grits & Gravy mission is simple:  "We believe music should uplift, inspire, & TOUCH THE SOUL!  In a world where too much of today's music is degrading, divides cultures, or isn't as creative as yesterday, the Grits & Gravy team strives to revive the music world by reaching back to when music made sense.  The Grits & Gravy experience is alive, pure, and will continue to touch the hearts of everyone young and old.